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First, we considered that to create something new is impossible. But day by day, night by night we persistently worked to solve this issue, at least for ourselves. Nothing and nobody could stop us ever since. Thus, the idea occurred to us followed by numerous new issues that we had to solve to approach the moment when Tronex appeared finally. And we are ready to introduce it to you now. Elegant flexible but sturdy cables with powerful lenses and reliable waterproof body. High functionality and unsurpassed style. The business card of the Tronex flashlight.

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Standard USB connection
Handy fixation mechanism
2 powerfull flashlights
13600 MAH battery/powerbank
Works well in any temperature or weather
4 lightings modes



Tronex has modern electronic features and patented technology of self-retractable belts. The flashlight includes a mechanism to protect the optical part from overheating and to tackle the battery over-drain or overcharging. There is also a driver to stabilize brightness and to keep it at a constant level.

Flashlight body
Height 2.7" (69mm)
Body diameter 8.2"(208 mm)
Head diameter 1.18" (30mm)
Weight 17,9 oz. (510g) excluding batteries
Material Aircraft-grade aluminium and high strenght plastic
Beam color White light


Tronex has a polymeric belt capable to deal with rupture load up to 200 kg. The belt retracts automatically to the flashlight body and hides under a soft fabric pad. Because of the retractable mechanism, there is no need to adjust the belt, and the flashlight will always require a minimum space among your things. The flashlight is fixed by means of a reliable and durable fastex clasp.

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